Why You Should Train Your Dog

Did you know that January is National Train Your Dog Month? Created in 2010 by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, this month promotes dog owners’ awareness of how important it is to socialize and train your pet. 

1. Professional Advice
When you seek a professional dog training service for your dog, the advice and recommendations that you receive should come from an individual who has learned and tested this information thoroughly and shares these techniques with you. Their genuine interest in your dog’s successful training inspires a certain amount of trust. It is also good to know that while your dog is undergoing this learning experience, they are in a supervised and safe situation and monitored by a trained professional.
2. Less Time Needed For Training
With today’s busy lifestyles, some may not want to add dog training to their already large To Do List. Individuals who believe they can train their own dogs often must take classes and learn specific information about dog training before actual training can begin. This can be time consuming for the owner and detrimental to the dog, who is missing out on critical learning time.
Using the services of a professional dog trainer also decreases the amount of time devoted to training. After a short amount of time with the dog,a professional trainer can provide useful information that can be implemented almost immediately. According to Heather Inks, contributing writer of Benefits of Professional Dog Training – 10 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs It, a “dog owner who invests in professional dog training usually finds that their dog is trained in record speed and bad habits are broken quickly or better yet entirely averted”.
3. Being Proactive
With problems stemming from many different factors including a dog’s breed, history, personality or temperament, a dog trainer has the knowledge, either personally or through a network of other trainers, to make changes and stop bad behaviors quickly. Having experience working with many different dogs provides a professional dog trainer with the ability to curb problems with a training plan.
4. Greater Overall Satisfaction
A properly trained dog will result in a harmonious relationship with you and your dog.
Training your dog is the responsible choice which allows for your time spent with your furry friend to be filled with fun!

In certain cases, a lack of training can lead to more serious repercussions than just bad behavior. “Most dogs brought to shelters are surrendered because of the animal’s lack of training,” states Fido Friendly Magazine. If problems aren’t corrected, some owners may feel that surrendering the dog to a shelter or rescue is their only option. 
 For your training needs, Morris Animal Inn provides Manners Training to learn basics skills including Sit, Stay, Down and more. 
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