Belle’s One Month Anniversary!

It’s my one month anniversary. It feels like yesterday when I walked into the Morris Animal Inn lobby feeling like my life was about to change. And it really has in a good way! Working on my fitness has been the best thing to ever happen to me! I’ve met so many new companions – both human and canine. Let me tell you all about the busy week I had!




With last week being the ‘Week of Love’ leading up to Valentine’s Day, everyone has been very cheerful. The word around the Group Play Yard was that a certain canine thought I was dog-gone cute! I was super surprised when my buddy, Leo asked me to be his Valentine! I was so happy, I couldn’t wait to run and tell my girlfriends! 


By the way, did I tell you that I love snow? Check out this video to see how much fun I had in the snow last week!
My training is going great! You should see how fast I am now on the treadmill! I’m still getting used to the Aqua Center but I’m sure I’ll be swimming laps with Beckett in no time. 
I had a really good feeling this week when I stepped on that scale. When my Fit Camp Trainer, Lisa said that my weight was down to 118lbs, I couldn’t help but let out an energized bark! I lost 3lbs in one week! That’s a total of almost 7lbs I have lost since I first came to Morris Animal Inn! I knew I was feeling great but knowing that I was able to lose that much, makes me even more motivated for next week! I’ve been losing about an inch a week around my belly too; at this rate, I’ll have a beach-ready body in no time!
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