Beautiful Belle and her Training Playmates

My journey continues! I began my third week of training and I keep getting stronger! Who knew I could have this much energy? Even after a full day of fitness, I still like to romp around at home with my foster brother!
  Belle and Beckett in the Aqua Center
taking a quick break in the Aqua center
I have a new favorite spot to hang out when I visit Morris Animal Inn – the Aqua Center! Beckett, my new Black Lab comrade, has been joining my swim sessions to help get me adjusted to the pool. I haven’t gotten the courage to test the waters yet, but I’m sure I will be doing cannonballs soon enough. Beckett is super popular and she’s been coming to the Inn for a while!
We’ve become best friends and she’s introduced me to all of her playmates in Group Daycare! She’s taken me under her wing to keep me motivated! Beckett is a great athlete and she encourages me to shed these pounds! 
Gal pals: Belle, Sam & Rosie


I love to mingle during Group Play! Each day I visit, I find new buddies to play with! I made new gal pals: Rosie, an Airedale Terrier, and Sam, a Yellow Lab. During playtime, we play together while the boys zoom around the yard – Girl Power!

My treadmill sessions have been going great! I’ve worked up to running 3mph on the Canine Treadmill! I never dreamed that I could run this fast. Back in West Virginia, the only time anyone saw me running was to find my next meal!


 I’m very happy with my progress for this week! I’m down to 121lbs and measuring 35 inches around my belly! For a bigger gal like me, losing close to 4lbs in three weeks is pretty good! I’ve been training really hard and I keep on slimming down so it must to be paying off! Keep checking back for more updates on how I’m doing with Fitness Camp! 

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