Autumn Pet Safety Tips for Your Pet

There’s nothing like the start of the autumn season. The leaves change color, crisp air begins to drift in, and we prepare for our favorite holiday celebrations. While there is much to look forward to this Fall, this season also brings with it dangers to your pet. To make sure your dog or cat stays healthy during these cozy next few months, check out these following tips.


Full Tummies

With the Autumn season comes a transition into cooler weather. Your pet will need more energy to stay warm in these cold temperatures. Therefore, consider feeding your pet a little more food. This will allow them to generate more body heat, and stay warm on those chilly Fall nights. Be sure to discuss your pet’s needs with your local veterinarian before making any significant changes their diet.


Rodent Danger

You and your pet aren’t the only ones adjusting to the cold this month. Rats and other rodents begin to search for warmth indoors around this time, which could mean an infestation of mice in your home. Be careful when setting mouse traps and using rodenticides and poisons. Many of the products available today are very toxic to pets, and could even be fatal if ingested. Research safer methods of pest control, and if you must use rodenticides, keep them out of reach from your pets.


Be Mindful of Mushrooms

Fall, much like spring, is a season in which an abundance of mushrooms pop up in forests, and even your backyard. Although 99% of these mushrooms are not dangerous, 1% can be highly toxic to both you and your pet. The problem is being able to distinguish the safe mushrooms from the life-threatening ones. When you take your dog for a walk try avoiding areas in which mushrooms are growing. If you believe your pet may have ingested a toxic mushroom, immediately contact the the ASPCA Animal Poison Control center.

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