Ain’t Nothing But a Bloodhound…Much More Than That!

I am a two-year-old Bloodhound, who tips the scale at 124.8 lbs. I have been feeling a little sluggish lately and my friends from Eleventh Hour Rescue told me that I would be visiting this wonderful place called Morris Animal Inn to get healthy and fit. This made me a little nervous at first because I had no idea what that meant. But I trust them and know they always do what is best for me.   

By the way, my name’s Belle! Please follow me through my journey at Morris Animal Inn. I enjoy making friends and I hope you will decide to be mine.

That’s me greeting my new friend Jess.

As soon as I walked through the door of Morris Animal Inn, I felt like I was in a good place. So many nice people greeted me and I am getting so much attention. I wasn’t sure I’d make friends but it seems like everyone is really eager to meet me!  I’m about to start my weight loss training program but let me tell you a little bit about where I came from…

Hey there! Just showing you my profile.

When I was in West Virginia, I was pretty lonely. I did not have anyone to play with or feed me and I had to find a lot of food on my own. I ate a lot of leftovers in outdoor cans outside everyone’s houses. I realized that not everyone liked me sniffing around though, so I never got a chance to stick around for long. I hope someday that I will be able to make some friends, find a home and live happily ever after. Right now I am glad the people at Morris Animal Inn and Eleventh Hour Rescue is giving me a chance. 

I’m a lot slower than I could be. I want to get healthy and fit before I go home with a family!

Another one of my new friends. Her name is Lisa.

I’ll be working out three times a week. I’m looking forward to all sorts of fun activities such as trail runs, treadmill sessions and even swimming in the pool! Everyone at the Morris Animal Inn is going to keep me super busy and eating right so I can drop these pounds!

Stay tuned for updates on how I’m doing!
Interested in adopting Belle? Contact Eleventh Hour at (973) 664-0865.