Aging Pets: Do You Recognize It?

You’ve noticed some little things, lately. Maybe they’re not jumping up on the couch or bed with you like they used to. Or they can’t hear you when you call their name. Sometimes, your pet seems a little confused or anxious. We like to think our pets will be around forever, because the thought of them getting older and dying is too hard, but the truth of the matter is that our pets, like us, are aging.

Aging can happen before we are ready or aware of it. Because dogs don’t live as long as humans, and different breeds will age sooner or later than other breeds.  Larger dogs will age more quickly than smaller dogs, but most might be considered “senior” around the age of seven. Some breeds are even considered to be seniors as young as age five.

Becaise your dog may not outwardly look old, you may not realize that underneath all that fur, there may be medical issues such as arthritis, heart, kidney, or liver disease. These are all common for senior pets, and an exam by your veterinarian can diagnose them and help you understand how to best care for their health.

If your dog is aging and needs a little extra love and care, well, then that’s okay. They are not only your companion, but you are theirs too.