Bonding with Your Feline Friend: 9 Quick Tips

Dogs usually come to mind as being man’s best friend, when cats are just as capable to form long-lasting bonds with their owners.  Finding out how to please cats can be mystifying, so here are nine quick tips on bonding with your furry feline friend.

Tip 1: Crazy for Catnip. Fifty percent of cats crave catnip, a fragrant herb from the mint family. The plant’s buds contain an essential oil that evokes chin and cheek rubbing, rolling and kicking, and even leaping into the air. Go for organic, it’s the most potent.

Tip 2: Embrace the Power of Petting. Studies show that people who pet their cats experience a reduction in feelings of anxiety. Petting your cat for just a few minutes releases a healthy amount of “feel-good” hormones. Research shows that the good feelings work both ways, meaning that your cat benefits as well!

Tip 3: Cat’s Tail – Mood Barometer! A loosely upright tail signals confidence. A tail that flicks toward you means, “Hello, my friend.” Whipping the tail from side to side or thumping it on the floor signifies agitation. A lightly twitching tails conveys relaxed alertness. A puffed-up tail indicates total fright.

Tip 4: Schedule Play Sessions. Kittens – and cats young at heart – are most active at dawn and dusk. That’s because they are crepuscular, wired genetically to do their best hunting and plays stalking during those times of day. Let the fun fly!

Tip 5: Buy a Handful of Peacock Feathers. Attach them to the end of a flexible pole and then flag your cat’s attention. Feathers are usually too much of a temptation to resist. In no time, you cat will be running, jumping, and performing amazing body twists and turns to snag those moving feathers.

Tip 6: Treat Your Cat like a CEO: Cat Extra-Ordinaire. Increase your cat’s daily dose of pampering. One easy way is to warm a small blanket in the clothes dryer for 5 to 10 minutes, then drape it on your cat during chilly nights to help her fall asleep. You can do the same for an arthritic cat to help improve blood flow and ease muscle aches.

Tip 7: Catwalk. If you’re cat crazy, think about installing a catwalk on brackets along a wall of your family room or bedroom. It should be 6 to 12 inches wide, and hang about 2 feet below the ceiling. Provide access with a couple of perches. Most cats adore the opportunity to explore the upper strata.

Tip 8: Warm and Cozy. Position your cat’s bed near a source of warmth – near a sunny window or by the fireplace or next to a heat vent. Grab your comforter and a good book, and spend some time with your snoozing friend while you pamper yourself with quiet time as well.

Tip 9: Take the Ho-Hum Out of Food.
Add a splash of tuna juice or salt-free chicken broth to commercial dry food. After this saucy feast, your feline may spend extra time savoring these special extras during her post-meal grooming sessions because of the lingering delightful aromas from these toppings.

Source: Tuft’s CatNip