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7 Roles Dogs Play in Your Life

Who’s ready for some warmer weather? Is your dog’s coat shedding? We’ve heard that means spring is coming! In midst of the cold, we thought we’d write a short, sweet and heartwarming post. There’s nothing like the special bond we share with our pets.  Dogs play many roles in our lives and we thought we […]


11 Foods for a Healthy Mouth

February is National Pet Dental Month, an entire month dedicated to your pet’s teeth! As a pet parent you are probably most familiar with dental chews and teeth brushing as a way to care for your pet’s mouth, but what about everyday foods that can help improve your pet’s health? We’ve compiled a list from Animal […]

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11 Ways to Participate in Responsible Pet Owners Month

February is National Responsible Pet Owners Month. Including a dog or cat in your family can be incredibly rewarding, but “parenting” a happy, healthy pet is also a large commitment! What does it mean to be a responsible pet owner? Here are 11 things to consider: Training. Last month was National Train Your Dog Month, […]


Super Bowl Safety Tips for Pets

This Sunday marks Super Bowl XLIX, and while you may be excited to root for your favorite team, the funny commercials and the awesome snacks, your pets may not feel the same way! A lot of strangers to the house, commotion or yelling can be confusing and scary for your pets. An abundance of yummy […]