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New Study Suggests Dogs Find Kennels Exciting, Not Stressful

A dog “kennel” is slowly becoming an archaic term.  As the pet care industry continues to transform, your pet may now spend his or her time lodging at a pet resort while you’re away.  A dog is happier and healthier with a vast amount of amenities, high levels of physical activity and interaction, and new […]


Who’s Walking Who? Choosing the Right Harness or Head Collar

Summer is here and your pup is probably anxious to pull you out the front door to go for a walk. Even if you don’t have a dog that pulls, choosing the correct equipment can make an ordinary walk with your dog safer and more enjoyable. Choosing to walk your dog with a harness or […]


Top 10 Cat Toxins

While there are well-known substances such as chocolate that are toxic to dogs, feline poisons are sometimes less-known.  Cats are curious and independent, so it is important to know what is toxic in your household in order to keep your cat safe and healthy. Pet Age and The Pet Poison Helpline created this list of […]


Clever Care for your Pet

The key to a good pet-owner relationship is understanding your dog or cat and their preferences as best you can. Learning animal body language is a vital step, but it can’t hurt to have a few handy pet tricks up your sleeve. After doing lots of reading, research and training of our own, here are […]


Tips to Remember When Bringing Home a New Dog

Adopting a dog as a new member of your family can be a great experience, but also an overwhelming one. Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D. and PetFinder provide these initial tips to help smooth the process of bringing a new dog into your home. Patience, patience, patience. Just because a dog isn’t […]