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New Pet Introductions

Whether you already have a dog and are considering getting a cat, or vice versa, their first introduction is very important! Setting up an environment for success will help your current pet and your new pet better adjust to having a new furry sibling! The American Humane Association provides some great tips how to best match […]


January is National Train Your Dog Month

This month marks the fifth celebration of Train Your Dog Month, created by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). APDT believed it was long overdue to dedicate a month to bringing awareness to the importance of socialization and training. This month we would like to invite pet parents to embark on enriching their canine […]


You Have a Holiday Puppy…Now What?

If you were lucky enough to add a puppy to your family this holiday season, congratulations!  Puppyhood is a special time as a pet parent!  It will soon be the New Year, time to go back to work and back to school, and now you have a new furry friend to care for…what do you […]


Holiday Puppy Dos and Don’ts

During the holiday season, there is often an increase in the amount of puppies brought into homes. The holidays can be a stressful and busy time for everyone, but you still need to take time to focus on the newest member of your family! If you do bring a puppy home this season, it’s essential […]


Should Your Dog Wear Winter Boots?

We can all agree that a pup in winter booties is just too cute!  While they are an adorable fashion accessory, did you know they can also help keep your dog’s paws safe and healthy during the cold winter months? Just like our skin, the winter can also wreak havoc on your dog’s paws. Between the […]