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Can your dog recognize you in pictures?

Has your dog ever reacted after you’ve shown them a picture of someone they know? Do dogs actually have the ability to recognize people in photographs? There are two parts to this question: Can your dog tell the difference between different people and animals and can they recognize that information in a stationary, two-dimensional image […]


Why do dogs have dewclaws?

Ever wonder what is the purpose of the thumb-like structure protruding from the side of your dog’s leg? It’s a dewclaw! For most dogs, dewclaws are nonfunctional, however they are an interesting bit of evolutionary history! Over 40 million years ago, an early ancestor of the modern dog was a tree climbing cat-like animal called […]

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Can Dogs Tell Time?

Does your dog have their nose pressed against the window when you arrive home from work? Does your dog sit by the door for your morning walk before you’ve grabbed the leash? To many dog owners, canines appear to have a fairly accurate concept of time. So, do they really know what time it is, […]

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Speaking “Cat”

As passionate pet parents, many of us can honestly admit that we talk to our pets, but have you tried conversing with your pet in their own language? In the 1940s, cat lover Mildred Moelk discovered that cats meow differently to people than to cats. She categorized 16 sounds used in cat-munication. These 16 sounds […]


DIY Pet First Aid Kit

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month, and as a pet parent, you can never be too prepared! A pet injury can be a scary event, and it is important to have the proper first aid supplies for emergencies or just the minor cuts and scrapes. The American Veterinary Medical Association provides great information for […]