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Does Your Dog Prefer the Company of Humans?

If your dog is more friendly with people than other dogs, that’s okay. There are many reasons why this could be the case. According to Robin Bennett (a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, author, consultant and expert on dogs), “You are not a bad owner and your dog is not a bad dog.”  Morris Animal Inn understands […]


Sweet Dreams

We all hope our pets will be in good hands when we have to leave them — especially overnight. How can we be sure? Asking the right important questions will assure our pet is receiving the best care! 1) Does your veterinarian recommend this pet care provider? 2) Do they require vaccines to protect all […]


INTERESTING Facts About Dogs

Do you think you know everything about Dogs? Think again. Check out these facts. 1. Eyelids – Dogs have three eyelids, an upper lid, a lower lid and the third lid, called a nictitating membrane or “haw,” which helps keep the eye moist and protected. 2. Eyes – It’s a myth that dogs only see […]

ses Ktzchen mit Besitzer / Kitty

My Cat Sleeps on Me… Why?

Do you wonder why your cat prefers to sleep on you when most of the time they are independent? Let’s try to figure this out. According to a recent survey of pet owners by the American Pet Products Association, 62% of cats sleep with their adult owners, and another 13% of cats sleep with children. Felines […]


Would you like Tap or Filtered Water?

Did you know that water is essential for almost every function an animal’s body performs? Water carries nutrients in and out of the body, aids in digestion, maintains body temperature and even cushions joints to make movement easier. The recommended daily amounts of water required will vary based on the size of the animal and health […]