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Listening to your dog

Listening to Your Dog

Listening is a lost art. We have so much that vies for our attention, including television, social media, jobs, kids, and friends, that it’s hard to know who to listen to and how to listen. By evening, when it comes to listening to your dog, we may be too tired to do it well. We […]

Well-groomed dogs from a Morris Animal Inn Dog Groomer

What Does a Dog Groomer Want You to Know?

A Dog Groomer wants you to know your dog is in for a treat, because it’s grooming day! Depending on your pooch’s preferences, your dog could benefit from any number of services a dog groomer can provide: Bath, brush out, ear cleaning and nail trim package Haircut Healthy Skin and Coat Treatment Scented Shampoos and […]

Fish tank is the antidote for cat stress at Morris Animal Inn

Cat Stress: Is Your Cat Freaking Out?

Adults may stress over their jobs or decisions they have to make. They can also stress over any number of other life events. But Is cat stress a thing? Napping in the perfect square of sun, chasing string, and knocking stuff off tables may not seem like a recipe for stress. But cats do stress out, and there […]

Dog boarding, pet boarding

Which is better: pet boarding or hiring a pet sitter?

Summer is coming! (Well, maybe, in some parts of the country, but in others, it’s a little hard to believe.) That means it’ll soon be vacation time. You’ll be making flight arrangements or finding the best route to drive. Then, you’ll need to decide what hotel to stay at, and what fun activities you’ll do […]

Pet Transportation

Pet Transportation The Safe Way

Do you know there are pet safety issues to consider during pet transportation? When you have a baby, you often can’t leave the hospital without checking your car for proper car seat installation. Often, town car dealerships or police departments have semi-annual checks, free to the public. Everyone would like their children to be safe, […]