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Something in Common with You & Your Dog

Human beings often make time to work out at a gym or go for a run. Some love it and some do it grudgingly. Most people know that some kind of exercise is important for our bodies, whether or not they follow through with it. As with many of the topics we’ve written about, this […]


What are some cat myths you have heard?

Sometimes, we think we know some facts about cats, but it turns out that those facts are actually myths. Even the most ardent cat-lover isn’t immune to believing them. The first myth that most people probably believe is that cats should drink milk. While it’s true they may love the taste of it, and some are even […]


Aging Pets

You’ve noticed some little things, lately. Maybe they’re not jumping up on the couch or bed with you like they used to. Maybe they can’t hear you when you call their name. Maybe your pet seem a little confused or anxious. We like to think our pets will be around forever, because the thought of […]


Cats & People Food Go Together?

The sound of a can opener opening a can of tuna can make the cats come running. The smell of the chicken resting on the kitchen counter can make cats think it’s for them, and look at you like you’re in the wrong when you chase them off. People food is often a special treat […]


My Dog is Chewing Her Paws – Again!

You’ve heard that sound of your dog chewing or licking their paws. You always thought it was a little weird sounding and probably kind of frustrating not knowing what you could do about it. It’s something you never thought to really pay attention to. Dogs actually will lick their paws for a variety of reasons, […]