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Should Your Dog Wear Winter Boots?

We can all agree that a pup in winter booties is just too cute!  While they are an adorable fashion accessory, did you know they can also help keep your dog’s paws safe and healthy during the cold winter months? Just like our skin, the winter can also wreak havoc on your dog’s paws. Between the […]


Can Your Cat’s Eyes Change Color?

If you’ve had your pet from the time they were young, it’s always fun to compare pictures of them as they age. Our pets grow so quickly in their early years, sometimes a year later they are nearly unrecognizable! In cats, however, you may notice an even bigger change than physical growth. A cat’s eye […]


Diabetes Awareness in Pets

November is National Pet Diabetes Month, and we’d like to share fundamental information about diabetes in dogs and cats. The condition is very similar in pets and humans, and is believed to affect anywhere between 1 in 100 to 1 in 500 canines and felines. Over recent years, experts have seen a rise in pet […]


Should Dogs Play All Day in Daycare?

We’ve collected some information from the experts regarding choosing a daycare for your furry friend, and why we value our exceptional standards as a leading facility in the pet care industry. There are many factors involved when considering doggy daycare, but we’ve boiled it down to three: Your dog, the facility and the staff. Your […]

Halloween puppy

9 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

While Halloween is a fun day to dress up and eat your fair share of candy, remember the holiday isn’t as fun for your pets!  When people are suddenly wearing weird masks, hats, and ringing the doorbell, Halloween can be stressful and confusing for dogs and cats. Here are a few tips to ensure your […]