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Our Dog Training Philosophy

Morris Animal Inn is committed to enhancing the relationship between pet parents and their dogs. We believe that good leadership is at the core of good canine behavior.  When a dog willingly offers obedience commands this means that behavior has truly been learned.  Positive reward-based training is proven to produce happy dogs who are willing to work; an essential component for success in teaching new behaviors!  At Morris Animal Inn, we believe that the dog and their committed pet parent, working in harmony, will enjoy an amazing relationship that having a well-behaved dog brings.

Does your dog walk YOU while walking? Do you wish your dog came when called? Does your dog jump on you and others? Bring your pooch to Morris Animal Inn for a Mini Canine Training Camp. Offered Sept. 14-18 and Sept. 21-25, the dog training camp includes daily training sessions, leisure activities, luxury accommodations, and more!

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dog-gurus-memberMorris Animal Inn in Morristown, New Jersey, recognizes that the bond between an owner and their dog is a very special one. Our dog training program is designed to enhance that relationship and help your dog to be the best that he or she can be! In addition to your dog spending time with one of our trainers you will be provided with detailed instructions for reinforcement at home. We realize with today’s busy schedules sometimes you need a little help to get it started or to keep your dog on the right track.  We hope to make that as easy as possible.

Two of my dogs recently stayed at Morris (Animal Inn) for 5 days. One of them had training while there and I have to report I got a better dog back then the one I dropped off. The training has made a HUGE difference! This was his first time there, but my other dogs have stayed before and each time they have had a blast. They want to be there when I drop them off and are plenty exhausted when I pick them up. The Inn is beautiful and clean and the staff are great. It is worth the money for me because I want them safe and well cared for.

The Hughes Family

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We take special pride in our quality staff who are OPCLC certified for Animal Care and demonstrate passion for animals in all that they do!


For reservations at Morris Animal Inn please contact us directly. We do accept reservation requests online however it must be confirmed by telephone or in person. We recommend making holiday and school break time reservations well in advance as we are frequently full at these times.

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